Why We're Here

We believe that God is imminent and active in the world - in other words, God's on a mission! Our part is to notice where God is busy, in our lives, in our neighborhood, and join in. We're always looking for partners - people who know things we don't, people who are willing to teach us. Maybe you're one of those people?

We believe God intends for life to be full - of joy, of wonder, of passion - and we try to live that way. So you'll find us singing and dancing when blessing comes. You'll also find us energetic and curious when discovery comes. And you'll find us compassionate, kind, and sturdy when trouble comes.

We believe that Jesus is God's annointed One, and through him we have seen that love is the fundamental nature of God. But we have also seen in Jesus what God intends for human life to be, and we are trying to be followers in the Way he walked. We believe the Bible is the unique and authoritative witness to what God has been doing in the world and presents the only clear picture we have of Jesus and his teaching. We take our Bible seriously as a guide to our life here, as children of God. An instruction book, if you will, about living as if God was in charge of things. What a radical idea!

We believe that God is present with us now in the Holy Spirit, and that we hear the Spirit most clearly when we work and pray and worship together in community. Takes more effort to stay together - with 9 people in a room, you'll always have 10 opinions! But we are convinced that the Holy Spirit is the glue which holds us together, and we know we can do far more, in this web of connection we call the church, than we could ever do alone. Won't you join us?