Mt Comfort Presbyterian Church

3816 W Mt Comfort Road

Fayetteville, AR

A Marriage that begins with a wedding in the church is a service of worship to Almighty God. It is sharing of vows made in the presence of God.

SCHEDULE OF THE CEREMONY: Couple must consult with church wedding coordinator or pastor prior to setting the date and time of ceremony.

PASTOR PERFORMING THE CEREMONY: The Officiate of the wedding ceremony will be MCPC Pastor or someone approved by Pastor or Session.

MUSIC: Acceptable Music, suitable for the marriage service directs attention to God and expresses the faith of the church.

ARRANGEMENTS & DECORATIONS: All decorations and flowers must be removed promptly following the wedding unless prior arrangements have been made. Use of nails or tacks on any surface is strictly prohibited. The pulpit, baptismal font and communion table are not to be moved from their central positions.

CANDLES: The wedding party furnishes candles and candelabras, no lighting candles during rehearsal. Dripless, chace or flameless candles must be used with adequate protection for the carpet and furniture.

DRESSING ROOMS FOR BRIDAL PARTY: Fellowship Hall bathrooms for bride and her attendants. The groom and groomsmen may use either the Library or Sunday School Room. The church is not responsible for any clothing or personal items lost, stolen or damaged. All personal items must be removed from the premises immediately following wedding.

ALCOHOL: Besides the Wedding Toast alcohol may not be served on the grounds.

SMOKING: Not permitted anywhere in the buildings.

CONTACT PERSON: One person in Bridal Party to be designated for contact person name and number.

SCHEDULE OF FEES: For members of Mt Comfort Presbyterian Church and their families, there is no charge to use either the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall.

Non-members fee for Sanctuary $300.00 /Reception at Fellowship Hall $200.00.

Paid in full (1) month prior to wedding date.

DEPOSIT: Additional $100.00 save the date & cleaning deposit. Refunded within (2) weeks after wedding if facilities left clean (see clean-up checklist). Deposit forfeited if facilities not as clean as when you found it, including clean-up of rice, confetti or whatever thrown. Deposit forfeited if cancelled less than (3) months of scheduled wedding date

REHEARSAL: Rehearsal should last about 45 minutes.

SEATING CAPACITY: Sanctuary & Fellowship Hall can seat between 80 – 120 guests. Rental includes use of tables and chairs.

KEY: Additional $25.00 key deposit charged the week of wedding to be refunded at the return of key. This will allow wedding party to set up and meet flower deliveries.

Approved 11th day of September 2014

Contact information:

Dottie Ashworth (479) 236-8549