Who We Are

In the Presbyterian system, ministry is shared between the pastor (called Teaching Elders) and congregationally elected elders of the church (called Ruling Elders), who together make up what we call the Session (so-called because decisions are made in but “a sitting” and are never carved in stone but can always be changed, “decently and in order”—see I Corinthians 14:40).


Clerk of Session: Lisa Crymes, 263-9969

Treasurer & Event Coordinator: Dottie Ashworth, 236-8549

Pastor Libby Lizárraga, 422-2624

Pastor Susan Gray, Moderator of Session, 236-7588

Church Historian: Dan McConnell, 301-9360

Master Gardener: Virginia Elmore, 871-7569

Webpage Master: Rodney Wolfe, 263-0520